Hitting Your Funny Bone


Writing Stand-up Comedy, & Things That Make You Swear

Life is too serious. Think of the world we are giving to our children. Watch the news and despair! Why not lighten it up? Why not throw in a little comedy into your dark world. Your workplace needs it. Your school place needs it; even your cocktail parties need some laughs. Oh… you think that comedy is for an elite class of comedians out there?

This book is about writing and performing stand-up comedy…and other things that make you swear. By implementing the processes in this book, six weeks from now you will be able do a seven minute stand-up comedy set and make the house go bananas. It’s what the world needs. YOU…making it bananas!
Last year as a fund raiser I started a comedy class that did just that: People went from no experience, all the way to packing all their friends in for an amazing stand-up show; where they killed it!

What if you could accurately write jokes that would intentionally make your co-workers laugh? Here are some testimonials from some who learned to hit their funny bone:

“I started… basically knowing nothing about stand-up comedy other than I loved it. This process helped me create my own original material and the confidence to perform it.”

“I had always wanted to try stand-up, but had no idea where to start. The idea of just writing some jokes and going to an open mic seemed overwhelming! Geoff did a fantastic job coaching [me] through the process of stand up, from where to find our material all the way to rehearsing and performing. It was absolutely thrilling to perform my material on our Showcase night – an adrenaline rush I haven’t experienced with any other type of performance. If you’ve ever even had an inkling that you might want to try stand up, [try it now]!”

By you reading this book and implementing its proven exercises , you will have everyone in hysterics with your own original comedy set.

Start today, because the world needs you. It’s just getting far too serious out there. Dive into this book right now… for the sake of the world… and for the children.

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