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Hitting Your Funny Bone

How to Write Stand-up Comedy and Other Things That Make You Swear


This step by step comedy writer’s guide is for the budding stand-up comedian to develop fresh original material and craft it into great performance. Become clear on what your comedy special powers are. Edit and secretly test your material. Craft your set into a streamlined performance, and become a better comic out of the gate! Now You can get rid of your writer’s block!

How can your elbow’s anatomy can help you grow your funny?

Learn to write to your own sense of humor, perform, and assess yourself. Now you have an edge in entering the comedy world! Hitting Your Funny Bone is written to get you over mimicking others and lead you to hilarity. It’s about finding your own unique humor, and making it a whole lot bigger! If you don’t have a lot of time, that’s ok! This book gives you exercises at the end of each chapter that are easy and you can accomplish at your own pace. A novice will get over 7 minutes of edited, vetted, hilarious material in 6 weeks.