Beyond the Bachelor Party


Your best friend has asked you to be your best man. Do you know what that means? Bachelor Party? Toast? Showers??? It is hard to know what is really expected of you, and you hardly want to have a sit down “define the relationship” type of talk hammering out the weird expectations that he and his fiance have for you. Your friend might not know this, he might just think that you will be standing up there with him, but he just put your relationship in danger. Why?beyond the bachelor party

This resource manual is a humorous help to anyone entering the murky waters of bestmanship. Learn simple ways to win your best friend’s fiance early on. Discover unknown ways to throw (and pay for) an epic bachelor party. Find out the top 12 best man Fails. Crush your Wedding toast with 4 hours prep. Receive techniques on how you can delegate the clean up so that you can party all night!

Geoffrey Neill has performed countless weddings and understands the need for the hidden agenda of the bride and groom to be brought into the light so that best men can retain their best friends.

By you reading this book you will finally have the resources to be the hero of two of the most important people in your life. Creating life long friendships, and lifetime memories.

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